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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Preparation of Facilities in Recreational Park

Nowadays, most of the people are familiar with the recreational park whether it is from government or non-government sector. This is because they realized that recreational park is important in their life, therefore it is important to have good facilities in a recreational park. There are a lot of advantages by having a good facilities recreational park in neighborhood. These advantages included helping economic growth, enhancing family recreation opportunities, helping residents stay healthy, preserving natural areas, and making the city a better place to live.

In some places, economic growth is being fostered by the inmigration of retirees.
The retirees who perceive recreation or parks to have been important in their selection of a community appear to have different values and feel more attached to their new community than do those who do not perceive these services to have been important. The quality of recreation and park facilities in communities may be a significant factor which
pulls retirees to new communities. The retirees who engage in social and cultural activities and develop ties to their new communities are more likely to be satisfied with their community, their quality of life, and tend to stay in that community. Available recreation opportunities, including parks, are likely to be important to permanent and temporary (seasonal) retiree relocaters because of their significant contribution to quality-of-life. Retiree migrants tend to be active participating in vigorous activities (hiking,
jogging, skiing, tennis, biking, swimming) on a regular basis. Subsequently, the quality of the recreation and park facilities may play a substantial role in retaining relocaters. The opportunity to participate in recreational, social and cultural opportunities in a community may be critical to the community’s economic development efforts. If facilities are satisfactory, then relocaters are likely to stay in the community, and continue to contribute to the local economy. This information suggests that recreation professionals need to better understand the role recreation and park facilities have in retiree relocation.

The second benefit by having a well-equipped recreation park is enhancing the family recreation opportunities. The family members can spend their weekend in the recreation park. On the other hand, they won’t waste their time at house to watching the television or crack their head for thinking where they should go to spend their weekend time. Consequently, family relationship can be strengthening through the activities that provided by the relevant recreational park, for example some recreational park has organize some events such as ‘family day’. Through this event, all the family members can join in the activities which are very interesting and this also can foster the relationship between the family members.
Besides that, a recreational park also is important in helping the residents stay healthy. By having a recreational park in neighborhood, most of the residents will go there to enjoy the facilities and activities n the recreational park. A well-equipped recreational park is good for children too. A child has the right to fun, therefore some neuroscientists believe that playgrounds are a valuable benefit for developing children. Scientists at The Children's Institute for Research and Development emphasize how play experiences benefit the cognitive, social and emotional development in children. Children's games actually program the brain for language, art, math and science, as well as build interpersonal abilities and intelligence. Kinesthetics is the perception of movement through nerves in the muscles, tendons and joints. This process is enhanced with continued physical activity at an early age. A study reported that children who do not play develop brains that are 20% to 30% smaller than normal for their age.
A recreational park also can helps in preserving natural areas, and making the city a better place to live. Normally the recreational park is build in a natural areas,

In sum, recreational park has contributed a lot of advantages to the public. Therefore it is important for us to cherish it.

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